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Published: 23rd May 2011
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Article, aka Bum marketing is undoubtly the best no cost technique of promoting your business and increasing opt in subscribers and your sales. Even the newbies know that Content is king for SEO. Well, here content doesn't represent illustrations or videos or any programs like softwares, ebook etc, content refers to plain text articles.That is why writing articles is one of the most used Internet marketing media nowadays.

But what if you are not comfortable writing your own articles? Lots of marketers just do not know how to write articles. Many of them need more than just a little assistance, whether it is because of lack of writing expertise, time restraint or they are new to topic.

That is why there are high demand for private label articles in the present day. Although you aren't able to claim copyright to the PLR articles, they are free for you to use as you wish.

Depending on how these articles are used, the results can be good, bad, or downright ugly.

Private label articles can increase your website traffic, sales, and subscribers, as long as you use them correctly. By using them, you can gain a big advantage over other marketers.

Depending on how you use the PLR, the end result can be first-class, awful, also horrible.

PLR articles can increase your website traffic, sales, and subscribers, as long as you are capable of using them rightly. By utilizing the power of PLR, you can gain a large advantage over other marketers.

Sadly, many marketers only cut and paste the PLR content and submit it to article directories, with no improvement which is a huge error.

There are some reasons why you should revise a private label article ahead of submission.

1. Most directories expect you to submit your self-written unique article. At least, you should create a new title and alter the body slightly. Nearly all directory software will search their database automatically for related titles and contents. If the title along with the body of your article matches one in their database, yours will be disallowed.

2. If you want to use them as content for your own website, remember that search engines don't really appreciate duplicate contents.

Here are several techniques you may use to make a private label article becomes unique:

1. Swap a word or phrase with another one that has similar meaning

You can use many online based treasures or the one found on MS word to find synonyms. For example, famous writer can be changed into top author, admired author or well-known author. Use the spinner in PLR article membership site t spin your article properly.

2. Add more items and remove some from the PLR

If on a private label article you find a list that shows something like tips, examples, steps or facts, why don't you add more items on the list and remove some.

3. Change the arrangement of a sentence

This technique is actual simple. Such as, if there is a sentence like this:

"Article marketing is the best way to get free backlinks".

Change the arrangement of the sentence above so it becomes:

"The best way to get free backlinks is article marketing".

4. Change the placement of sentences or paragraphs.

Another similar method to chunk out unique article is by blending the information into fresh order. But, get this done this in a way so it does not become unreadable, because from time to time, information in article may follow a special sequence.

5. Combine two different private label articles into one.

The easiest way to create unique content out of PLR is by putting the opening or the closing paragraph of a private label article to another one. select two related article in this case.

Try to apply all the methods above. Don't limit yourself. Use synonyms, thesaurus, add some info, remove some, swap several paraghraphs with your own words, Mix PLRs as well as newly created articles and so on.

Completely, Each time try to acquire the most recent and fresh PLR instead of outdated ones. If you put your effort into an article with outdated information, there will be no real gain. You'll be just wasting your energy behind rewriting PLRs, money behind buying them and time behind submitting them to article directories or publishing them to your blog. For getting the best PLR, visit the PLR membership site

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